Best Electric Knife

The first time electric knives have become popular was in the 70’s. Electric knives were at the time the number one choice when it came to slicing meat and became the iconic item for any Thanksgiving dinner.

Overtime, though, the electric knives have lost some of the glamour from the 70’s, but they still make a good choice for some. For the heavy meat eaters, the electric knife is definitely a must have, but either than, it’s very likely that you are not going to use the electric knife very often.

Of course, you can also use the electric knife to cut bread-and, as a matter of fact, the bread gets the perfect cuts only when using an electric knife.

A detailed look

In the early beginnings, the knives weren’t very well made and some failed to do their job. They would shred and tear meat, making any professional cook go back to the standard knives.

Truth be told, there were many models that would shred into pieces a turkey meat nicely cooked for five hours.

Luckily for all of us, the electric knives got improved over in time and nowadays they don’t shred meat anymore, they are more resistant to breakage and they don’t make a mess any more.

Why use an electric knife?

We need to be true to ourselves and admit that you can only use the electric knives in certain situations and you can’t expect great performances in some cases.

Therefore, don’t expect much from the electric knife when cutting tough meats or soft foods just as well. You can successfully use it for poultry though as it’s moist and not as tough as red meats. If you still have to use the electric knife on red meat, pay attention and don’t hit the bone with the blade as you may ruin the blade like this.

It’s great to use an electric knife as you don’t need to use much force when cutting anymore. The blade slices through food fast and easy, without you having to put much force into it.

The electric knife gives you great speed when cutting the meat and it only takes 1 minute to cut a turkey, and not 10, like when you cut with a regular knife.

Accuracy is another great thing that the electric knife gives and you are able to cut even slices of meat. The electric knife is the perfect choice in case you cut a lot of meat and bread as they are especially made for carving.

What to look for an electric knife?

You can find nowadays corded or cordless electric knives. When it comes to freedom on cutting, there is no other better option than the cordless electric knife, but you constantly need batteries to power it. If you don’t use it very often, the electric knife may end up in a drawer and its battery may get depleted.

This is why corded knives seem to work better and you get more constant cutting power. On the other hand, though, you lose some maneuverability.

The blade on your electric knife is also very important and the knife should come with a blade for meat and one for bread. Most models come with a blade for meat and you need to buy also the blade for bread cutting.

Most electric knives vibrate a lot and may hurt your hand, which is not that great. New models come with an ergonomic handle that leave a comfortable feel and grip.

Even though this is not as important as the previous features, you’d also want your electric knife to look nice and to be easy to store just as well.


One last word

Most electric knives come with removable blades for easier cleaning. It’s better to use the dishwasher, even though hand washing is also easy to do.

Some electric knives come with their own storage case or unit for the blades and for the electric part just as well. As you don’t use daily the electric knife, the storage case is essential for it.

Even though the high price doesn’t necessarily mean high quality, it’s common sense to admit that the more you are willing to spend on your electric knife, the more you can expect from it.