Best Ironing Board

Even though ironing boards look all the same for some, they are actually quite different one from another. The market gives so many various models and it may become a challenge for you to find the ironing board that fits the best your needs.

There are some important aspects that you need to look for when on a quest for an ironing board.

You need to make your decision after you give a closer look to each of these aspects as you do want nice, wrinkle-free shirts and don’t want to fight with your ironing board trying to get the best ironing job.

The main aspects

Length is the first aspect to check on an ironing board. A shorter ironing board is easier to storage as it takes less space, but it’s actually more difficult to work with. A short ironing board means you need to allow more time to ironing an item and…this is not what you want!

The nose on the ironing board is also important and there are several options on them also.

Cover material is also essential for your ironing board. You want high quality material for the cover as it has to take high temperatures. Sure you can find low priced ironing boards, but they come with synthetic textile materials that melt or even stick when the iron is very hot. Your clothes might get ruined and…you’re back to square one, needing to buy a new ironing board.

You should also pay attention to the padding on your ironing board as it’s easier to iron on a well- padded ironing board. The best width of the padding is something between 4 to 8 mm and you get more productive when ironing on a surface that thick. The better the padding on the ironing, the more success on your ironing.

Another important thing to look for is the quality of the build on your ironing board. The metallic structure of the legs and folding system has to be rugged and ready to take the heavy use. It should also be steady and with no move of bobble in any way. The ironing board needs to take some weight without any risk of bending. The quality of the board itself has to be good and you can tell from a distance which ironing board is not worthy it and which is a good choice.

The details

The typical ironing board is somewhere around 54 inches long and 15 inches wide.  If you have plenty of space, you can go with a wider ironing board.

Keep an eye on the frame of the ironing board as you want it to be lightweight for easier setup/take down. The frame has also to give stability and stay away from the ironing board with a flimsy frame.

The height on your ironing board is also something to have in mind when shopping. It’s more comfortable to iron if the ironing board raises to at least hip level, and even a bit higher than that.

Most ironing boards are adjustable and a flexible board lets set up the height you want or use the board even when sitting down.

You should also check to see if the ironing board comes with vent holes as they are very efficient when it comes to the escaping of the steam.

The iron-rest should be built-in at the wide end on your ironing board for setting you iron. The iron is set securely in place and you also win some board space. Pay attention when getting your ironing board as this feature is not as common as you might think.


Steam ahead!

Your ironing board should fit not only its designated storage place, but it also has to allow you a fast, comfortable ironing. It should be rugged, yet flexible and easy to setup/take down and adjustable so that you can set up the height you want at a time. Its cover has to be ready to take the heavy use and not to ruin your clothes.

Don’t forget about the padding as there is no easy and fast ironing without any. And don’t forget about your wallet just as well as you don’t want to spend more than you should on an ironing board.